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Amplicon and NexcomShop.com

The Amplicon on-line shops are a business division of the successful Amplicon Group and are dedicated to providing an outstanding technically competent customer experience. In our shops you will find leading brands backed by Amplicon's unbeatable levels of service and technical support.

The on-line shops aim to make the commercial aspects of the business relationship as simple as possible. It is the Amplicon position as both a manufacturer and a Tier 1 distributor that allows us to supply uniquely competitive products and to deliver to the customer a simple, secure and most importantly, cost effective method of buying. Stock levels, availability and pricing are displayed in real-time as well as customer account details and order tracking.

Amplicon can boast a history of trading securely and successfully on-line since 1996 and this makes us the perfect web shop partner. All of the Amplicon servers are built to our own specification and are maintained and hosted in house. Amplicon have an exceptional team of marketing experts who carry out all web design and development. Full Securitymetrics PCI compliance ensures that your card details are managed in a secure and audited environment. Along with certified secure transactions, PAYPAL and Google checkout payment methods, we aim to make your on-line shopping experience as secure and simple as possible.

Amplicon has ISO9001:2008 certification and QEC accreditation. Our Compliance and Engineering departments ensure our full compliance to the WEEE and RoHS legislation.

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